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Started by L2MythicalAdmin, Mar 12, 2018, 01:12 PM

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Mar 12, 2018, 01:12 PM Last Edit: Mar 12, 2018, 07:07 PM by L2MythicalAdmin
List of updates:

1.Updated Augments:

Static Cast Time to some key Augments like Celestial, Batlle Roar etc.
Item Skill Stun: fixed Cast time Reuse increased Duration set to 4 Seconds.
Item Skill Heal: Heal amount set to 800.
Item Skill Blessed Body: Hp Amount set to 1000.
Item Skill Blessed Soul: Mp Amount set to 1000.
Item Skill Battle Roar: Hp Amount set to 1500, Heal amount set to 2000.
Item Skill Celestial Shield: Duration set to 8 sec.
Item Skill Duel Might: Now works on normal hits and skills.

2.Updates on Clan skills:

Fixed Clan skill bug in Oly.

3.Updates on Castle Sieges:

 Castle Sieges every day.
 Fixed Geodata on Castles no longer be able to grave, shoot, use skills trough walls.

4.Updates on Olympiad:

 Fixed Observer mode bug.
 Fixed Skill reuse: Now all skills reusess entering Olympiad.
Now you can land debuffs on clan members.

5.Updates on Class Balance:

 Setted Max Magical Critical rate.
 Necromancer Debuffs slightly increased chance like Gloom Curse weakness.
 Shield stun slightly nerfed.
 Dominators DeBuffs Slightly nerfed.
 Sleep Nerfed, Dreaming spirit nerfed.
 Steal Essence for Doomcryer Slightly increased power.
 Archers range slightly increased.
 Cancel Reuse increased.
 Fear land rate nerfed significantly.
 Daggers Skill Sand Bomb nerfed land rate.

6.Updates on Items:

 Special Sa Critical Stun nerfed.

7.Updates on Pvp Zone:

 Added 10 new pvp zones.
 Added restrict for classes like Cardinal, Evas Saint. These Classes can't enter PvP Zone.
 Added restrict for Skills like Agression. You can't use Agression skill in the Pvp zone.

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